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These two fabulous felines were adopted from different shelters in different cities years ago. The girls have entered their senior years here in Sacramento. Their loving family has been bringing them to Blue Cross Pet Hospital to help ensure that their golden years are as healthy as can be. The girls enjoy each other with a love-hate relationship but retreat to their very own cat room or outdoor cat enclosure when the dogs get on their nerves.

Ella and Flynn’s people monitor their health annually and recently took part in our Senior Care Level 2 Program. Dr. Faber has been monitoring Ella’s liver and other organs due to a vomiting issue. Her senior care check-ups have helped Ella’s people to keep it maintained, and pill pockets have become one of her favorite treats. Her latest exam, lab results and x-rays have showed no major concerns and she seems to be enjoying her excellent health.

Flynn has had a history of urinary and intestinal issues so Dr. Faber has been monitoring her kidneys and other systems carefully. Flynn’s recent check-up found that she had 3 bad cavities that needed to be removed. Her lab results showed that she was able to go forth with a dental procedure and we got rid of those painful teeth. Her x-rays revealed that she has pretty bad arthritis, as lots of older cats can have. Now her family takes her to acupuncture sessions to help with any pain. Flynn is managing her health well and still enjoys supervising the house from her awesome heated cat bad.

Here’s to Ella and Flynn Mader, two fabulous felines enjoying their senior years with a little help from Blue Cross Pet Hospital and their loving family.